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Digital Document Shredder

Digital Document Shredder is an product for permanently removing (shred) files and folders
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15 March 2011

Editor's review

Since all kinds of professional work and usage is performed over the computer system, we require its assistance in all forms when it comes to saving up important files and managing team productivity and even monitoring their attendance. The system folders are home to several documents and files which are important for working about things and managing all the records effectively. Further, this computer utility can easily work towards accessing the web facility that in turn in can open up gates of humongous information and resources by which users can get intuitive access to several modes of information and useful programs. Also assists in accessing some tools which can help in removing all critical data from the system, such as Digital Document Shredder 2011 which permanently removes all details of sensitive data stored.

Digital Document Shredder 2011 opens with a vivid and neat looking interface with the chief options placed at the top panel and the left side of the screen shows all the options and alternatives for shredding files and documents; it also shows up controls to manage settings and updates of the application. Moreover, the application also permits the user to completely erase any selected information from the hard drive or any other selected memories. It also helps in shredding individual files and recycle bin and even temporary files along with web history. It utilizes its advanced techniques to overwrite files several times so that the original information stored is not readable in any form. The special feature called ‘Shred all free space guide’ can clean up all the old deleted files and folders that are still present in the drives.

To sum up, Digital Document Shredder 2011 certainly works as a suitable and bright application that anyone can use to get rid of any confidential data and prevent leakage and hence gets a rating of 3.5 points for its utility value.

Publisher's description

Digital Document Shredder is an product for permanently removing (shred) files and folders from your computer. The Windows Vista certified and awarded application allows you to completely remove selected information on your hard drive and other memories. Supports shredding of individual files, recycle bin, temporary files, unused disk space (free disk space) and Internet history.
Did you know that all of the information and files that you once had saved on your computer, remain on your computer, even after you think you have deleted them? If you shred your sensitive papers, you need to shred selected digital files. Digital Document Shredder utilizes advanced algorithm technique of overwriting your files multiple times so that the information contained in them is no longer readable, thus destroying the original data forever. This certified and awarded software will be a natural part of your daily digital life for all your shredding needs. Easy to install and use. Support and free upgrades included in your subscription.
Main features:
- Select a file to be shredded by using a simple right click or browse for a file or folder.
- Previous versions automatically saved and hidden by Windows VISTA and Windows 7 can be detected and removed forever
- Choose to shred everything in your recycle bin with an easy click.
- Drag and drop files to your "shredding bin" on the desktop. They will be instantly shredded.
- Shred all your temporary files left behind on your computer.
- Use the "Shred all free space guide" to clean your computer from all old deleted files and folders that are still stored on your drives. You can not see them but you can easily recreate them! - The software includes qualitative reporting as an option, if you need to document that sensitive client files have been permanently removed for example.
Digital Document Shredder
Digital Document Shredder
Version 2011
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This software hung while shredding and is not freeware as it is disabled if you do not activate. This is therefore a crappy demo!
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